Welcome to our website! I hope you visit it often to stay informed about the activities of our Office.

Since I was first elected in 2006, we have accomplished a great deal and there is much more to do. In addition to learning about the work we do, on our website you also can read audits and reports; sign up for occasional e-mail notifications to keep you “in the loop;” send us your suggestions for finding or saving money; and report fraud, waste, or abuse of City resources on the City Auditor’s Fraud Hotline.

Incorporating Our Six “In's”
for Better Government:
Independence, Innovation,
Initiative, Investigation, Information,
and Integrity.


The job of the City Auditor is to review the operations of the City in order to provide an accurate, detailed picture of the City’s finances. The City Auditor acts as an independent body in order to examine any and all departments, commissions and offices as mandated in the City Charter.

By examining both the finances and the methods of operation utilized by City departments, the City Auditor’s Office provides independent assurance that public funds are well managed, spent prudently, and provide the expected services to benefit the public.


We need not look very far to see that innovation is rapidly moving both the public and private sectors forward. Innovative thinking and new ideas make it easier to protect our City assets and improve City services. The Office of the City Auditor is committed to delivering innovative solutions and technologies in the everyday practices of our operation.

Initiative, Investigation

One of the primary functions of the Office of the City Auditor is to identify and capture all revenue that is due to the City. My promise to the taxpayers is that I will take the initiative to maximize revenue to the City as well as finding ways to cut costs where appropriate and investigate fraud.


Further, my goal is to provide transparent, accurate information to the citizens, elected officials and community leaders of Long Beach who can then make sound decisions based on solid information. In so doing, our office works to not only review those areas which may need improvement, but also highlight those offices and public servants who are serving our City well.


Lastly, my commitment to the citizens of Long Beach is to serve with integrity, to have a highly professional and world class City Auditor's Office and know that those whom we serve are you, the public.

I hope you will explore this website and learn more about what the Office of the City Auditor can provide to you.



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