Reports in Progress




Below is information on our reports in progress. Please note, depending on the scope of work, some audits can require a significant amount of time, and we do not report findings and recommendations until audits are complete. You can find out more about the audit process here.





Parking Revenue Controls Audit

At the request of City Council, we are currently conducting an audit of the internal and system controls surrounding parking revenue at some of the City’s parking lots and structures. We will be reviewing revenue collection processes during the transition period from the current parking operations vendor to a new vendor, which is expected to occur in early 2018. We will also look at the new vendor’s policies and procedures surrounding revenue collection and how those will be put into practice at some of the City’s lots and structures.



All American Asphalt Contract Audit

The City has an on-call contract with All American Asphalt for as-needed street improvement services. The objectives of this audit are to analyze the processes surrounding the methodology used to select the vendor, assignment of work, and the pricing and quality of the work received under this contract. We will be reviewing work completed and payments made during the current contract period, from May 2017 to current.



Central Cashiering Audit

We are conducting an audit of Financial Management’s Central Cashiering Section. The objective of this audit is to determine whether Central Cashiering controls and safeguards over revenue adhere to standards and best practices, mitigating the risk of loss and/or theft of funds. Our testing will include evaluation of revenue controls, system controls, processes, and physical security as well as testing of revenue deposits. We will be reviewing FY2018 revenue.