Recognition & Awards

Audit Awards

In December 2014 the Office was recognized as a “Steward of the Second District” for work going beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the lives of others.


Every year, professional panels of peers evaluate the work of Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) member organizations. The Office has earned awards in two categories, audits and websites.



The annual prestigious Knighton Award is the highest honor given by ALGA and recognizes the best performance audit reports issued by its 300 local government audit organization members. Audits are evaluated for several criteria, including the potential for significant impact; focus and recommendations on effective and efficient government; and clarity of communication style.

Distinguished Knighton Award for Business Improvement District (BID) Oversight Audit, 2017


Judges’ Comments:

“The report focused on assessing City management’s oversight of the BID Program and compliance with related agreements. The audit found that improvement in communication and accounting of assessments was needed to achieve the City’s intended economic development goals. The audit aimed to improve government efficiency and effectiveness through findings that matter to policymakers and citizens. The report’s use of a succinct highlights page, effective visual aids, layout and dynamic use of color provided the reader an informative and engaging experience.”

Distinguished Knighton Award for Police & Fire Public Safety Dispatcher Overtime Audit, 2015


Judges’ Comments:

“This audit report was triggered by a Fraud Hotline tip and concluded that low staffing levels and past recruitment/hiring practices have had a strong influence on the high levels of police and fire dispatcher overtime, and on how overtime pay was being allocated. Solid evidence was gathered using innovative methodologies, and comprehensive data analysis was used to support the conclusions, which were logical and presented in a persuasive manner. Recommendations were clearly written, consistent with the observations noted and convincingly linked to appropriate causes. The report was well written, organized, and made excellent use of understandable flowcharts and graphics. The report addressed a topic that can be somewhat contentious, but did so in an easy-to-read manner. The report identified the potential for significant impacts including budgetary, safety, and operational efficiencies, and received management’s support of the recommendations.”

Bronze Award for Parking Citations Collection Process Audit, 2012


Judges’ Comments:

“The report identified approximately $18 million in unpaid parking citations issued within the prior three years. The report used clear and concise language to articulate the audit processes carried out, the evidence collected, and the analysis undertaken. Adoption of audit recommendations has the potential for significant impact over the short and long terms. The report was persuasive for initiating change; the Mayor publicly addressed the report findings and supported overall recommendations including the request for a new software system.”

Gold Award for Towing Operations Cash Handling Procedures Audit, 2009 


Judges’ Comments:

“The report is an example of a standard, basic audit area, but done in an innovative manner, including reviewing video surveillance. The audit reviewed cash handling procedures of a Towing Operation which is part of the city’s Fleet Services Bureau of the Department of Public Works. The report revealed numerous control weaknesses in an operation handling on average $68,000 in cash per week. Findings included a lack of data integrity and lack of separation of duties, resulting in a significant risk of fraud. Testing and audit evidence supported the conclusions, which were effectively tied to audit recommendations. The report also included internal control and segregation of duties graphics, which were excellent visual aids to the reader. Management concurred with the recommendations and many were implemented even before the report was issued.”

Silver Honorable Mention for Long Beach Museum of Art Audit, 2008 


Judges’ Comments:

“The Long Beach City Auditor’s Office is among the best of local government audit organizations.”

Website Awards

Introduced in 2008 by ALGA, the Website Award recognizes organizational members’ websites determined by the judges to be the best demonstrations of content, ease of navigation, design, and uniqueness.

2010 Silver Award

Judges’ Comments:

“We liked the ease of navigation of the website. The home page allows the reader to quickly move to a list of audits, report fraud or abuse, view press releases or contact staff. The website contains information not only about the City Auditor, but the history of the office of the City Auditor and information on the City of Long Beach. Most impressive is the “Projects in Progress” section. This portion of the website lists the audits in progress and is regularly updated. This demonstrates a real commitment of resources to keeping the website current. This is an excellent website.”

2008 Silver Award

Judges’ Comments:

“This website makes good use of video on their site, has lots of content, and an attractive design. Some unique items on their site are a request form for email alerts, the history of the City Auditor’s Office, and the video and link for the fraud hotline.”