Reports in Progress




Below are our reports in progress. Depending on the scope of work, some audits can require a significant amount of time, and we do not report findings and recommendations to the public until audits are complete. Find out about the audit process here.



Queen Mary Lease Agreement Audit 

The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the City has received all revenues owed by conducting a more detailed analysis of the lessee’s audited financial statements of the Queen Mary, and a reconciliation of the financial statements with other information released by the lessee regarding the Queen Mary’s financials and operations.



Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Program Agreed-Upon Procedures

The objective of this agreed-upon procedures engagement is to assess whether the Department of Financial Management’s procedures are in compliance with critical requirements of the Underground Storage Tank Management Program (TMP). The review covers Fiscal Year 2020. In order to achieve our objective, we will interview appropriate personnel, visit selected UST sites, review a sample of documents to ensure compliance with the Program, and follow-up with prior audit findings.



Parking Meter Coin Operations Performance Audit

The purpose of this audit is to determine whether the internal controls surrounding the collection of parking meter cash payments by the Department of Public Works results in deposits to Central Cashiering that are timely, whole, secure, and reliable. The scope of this audit will include parking meter coin revenue collected and deposited during Fiscal Year 2020. To accomplish this, we will benchmark current cash control practices against other agencies, perform end-to-end reconciliation of meter coin deposits, and conduct field observations of the business process in its entirety.



Personal Information Security Contract Performance Audit 

The purpose of this audit is to determine whether the City has controls in place to ensure that residents’ personally identifiable information is kept secure and private.  This audit focuses on residents’ information that is collected for City services and stored in third-party, cloud-based information systems. We plan to review how the City picked the third-party vendors, the terms of the contracts, and how the City manages the contracts related to information security and privacy.