Vision, Mission & Core Values

The Office is guided by our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Making Long Beach better



To advance an effective City government through independent, high quality audits, advisory services, and investigations


Core Values

Our core values are principles that support and guide our vision and mission, as well as shape our culture and direct our actions and decisions.


  • Independence

We embrace the responsibility entrusted in us to protect the public’s resources by performing our work objectively and independently.


  • Excellence

We pursue the highest level of work that provides the most value and makes meaningful impact to the City. To do so, we meet the highest professional standards.


  • Integrity

We commit to putting Long Beach first by promoting honesty, transparency and ethical behavior in our culture, actions and decisions.


  • Leadership

We leverage our professional experience and knowledge of the City to provide expert advice and leadership on business and financial practices. We seek creative ideas and forward-thinking solutions.


  • Collaboration

We build partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and understanding with all stakeholders to exchange ideas and develop solutions to City challenges.