Select a time period.


October 29

Performance Audit Identifies Improvements to Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows Which Can Cause Environmental & Health Impacts

The Water Department’s Sewer Division oversees the operations on 712 miles of sewer lines, including the collection of 45 million gallons of sanitary sewage per day. Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) occur when sewage is discharged into the environment. From 2014 to 2018, Long Beach experienced 103 SSOs. The majority of SSOs were Category 3 which are not severe. Category 3 SSOs are less than 1,000 gallons of wastewater and do not reach surface water. However, Long Beach had more SSOs than 75% of similarly-sized agencies. The potential adverse impacts of SSOs include environmental damage, public health risks, and financial costs against the City. To achieve the goal of reducing SSOs, the Water and Health Departments agreed to all 25 audit recommendations including improving activities such as cleaning, inspection, repairs, tracking and education aimed at preventing SSOs to ensure their effectiveness.

Chris Garner, Director of Water Department:

"We are pleased to report that many of the recommendations have since been implemented, and those remaining will soon be implemented. We are confident that these changes will improve the effectiveness of our Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) control strategy, and will be beneficial for our long-term goal of reducing the frequency of SSOs.”"


February 20

Central Cashiering Revenue Performance Audit Reveals More Controls Needed to Safeguard Revenue and Prevent Theft

In 2018, Central Cashiering processed over $436 million in revenue, which included payments from the public for services such as utility bills, parking citations, and business licenses, as well as revenue collected by other City departments. The audit found that while Central Cashiering has some controls in place, controls could be improved to further safeguard revenue and reduce risk for fraud, such as theft. City Management agreed with recommendations to adhere to revenue-control standards such as camera surveillance for specific work areas and dual custody to sort mail-in payments.

Hap W., community member:

"Thank you and your diligent staff for continuing to monitor and assist in every way possible towards a fiscally responsible City."


November 6

Voters Overwhelmingly Approve City Auditor Doud's Initiative, Measure AAA to Strengthen City Auditor Authority, with 71% Vote

City Auditor Doud initiated Measure AAA to amend the century-old City Charter bringing it up-to-date with modern government auditing standards. Voters overwhelmingly approved Measure AAA with 71% vote. It clarifies and strengthens the Long Beach City Auditor’s authority to conduct performance audits, not just financial audits, and gain access to all City records necessary to fulfill the City Auditor’s role. As a result, the Office has the explicit authority to conduct performance audits and access all City records, without restriction, needed to complete thorough work.


August 1

City Auditor Doud Completes Review of Animal Care Services Providing Guide For Shelter

City Auditor Doud completes Phase Two of the two-part Animal Care Services (ACS) Review. The report recommends that ACS immediately implement standard operating procedures, develop a shared vision and strategic plan, and then align resources and maximize revenues to meet the service priorities, goals and objectives shared by stakeholders in the strategic plan. In response, the City launches the development of an ACS Strategic Plan.

This audit earned the Knighton Award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Panel of Judges' comments:

"The auditors identified critical issues that ACS needed to address in order to meet the industry’s minimum care requirements and improve their revenue collection process."


July 17

Long Beach Residents Bestow City Auditor Doud with a Fourth Term

City Auditor Doud's continued electoral success is a testament to the trust residents have placed in her as she runs unopposed for a fourth term. For 12 years, City Auditor Doud focused her audits on important quality of life issues. Her audits touched upon a wide array of topics that matter most to Long Beach residents, from expanding funding for public safety, to identifying improvements and better maintaining parks and streets.

City Auditor Laura Doud:

"I am very grateful for the honor to serve this wonderful City which I love. I am committed to providing the most value by continuing to conduct performance audits to make City operations more efficient and stronger for the public."


June 14

The Office Passes its Fourth Consecutive Triennial Peer Review Meeting Highest Standards

City Auditor Doud remains steadfast in her commitment to follow the United States Government Office's General Auditing Standards - which provide a framework for conducting audits with competence, integrity and objectivity. The results of the fourth peer review indicate the Office continues to hold itself to the highest standards of the profession.

Helen N., community member:

"I'm so very proud that my city has such an impressive City Auditor and office. Setting the standard high."


December 19

City Auditor Doud Takes on Review of Animal Care Services and Lays out Blueprint for Enhancing Quality of Care

At the request of the Mayor, City Auditor Doud audited the Animal Care Services Bureau (ACS). The shelter provides care and medical treatment for thousands of animals per year. Phase One of the review revealed the need for a vision and strategic plan and day-to-day operational improvements at the shelter. A total of 173 recommendations were made to move the shelter forward. Since then, additional funding was allocated to ACS and the Mayor's Shelter Task Force was established to implement the recommendations.

Mayor Robert Garcia:

"We are proud of the great work our City Auditor Laura Doud and her team continue to do. Our Animal Care Services Bureau has already started seeing the positive changes that stemmed directly from this audit, and we are excited to see more of their recommendations be implemented."


December 1

City Auditor Audits Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Calls for Broader Public-Private Oversight  and Collaboration - Wins National Award

The City collects $17 million annually on behalf of property and business owners who, in turn, invest in and enhance the business corridors where people shop, eat and work. City Auditor Doud audited the City’s Business Improvement District (BID) Program and identified the need for stronger City oversight of the program to increase accountability for BID expenditures and compliance to State laws.

Industry peers recognized the report with the Distinguished Knighton Award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Panel of Judges' comments:

"The audit aimed to improve government efficiency and effectiveness through findings that matter to policymakers and citizens."


September 7

City Auditor Doud has Championed $33M of New Revenue for Police and Fire Operations since Passage of Proposition H in 2007

A report on Proposition H, which City Auditor Doud championed in 2007, found over $33 million was generated over 10 years for public safety staffing, equipment and training. Funds also went towards homelessness outreach, re-opening of the East Patrol Division Substation, purchasing of a new Station 14 fire truck, and additional funding for Police and Fire academies.

Mayor Robert Garcia:

"“Proposition H has provided crucial financial support to the City of Long Beach’s emergency response and homeless outreach efforts, improving public safety for all our residents. I want to thank City Auditor Laura Doud for championing this proposal.”"


April 10

A Series of Nine Contract Administrative Audits Leads to New Citywide Policies and Contract Management Training

The Office conducted a series of contract audits because of the City's extensive use of contracts to provide vital goods and services to the public. The findings, compiled into a summary report, highlighted an absence of an effective City contract monitoring system and limited staff guidance. This exposed these contracts, worth $66 million, to recurring patterns of risk. City Management took steps to address risks by hiring a consultant to develop contract management policies and implement citywide contract training.


June 28

City Auditor Doud Audits Park Maintenance and Identifies $1M Shortfall to Properly Care for Parks and Park Trees

The Office conducted a performance audit to ensure City parks are properly maintained. The audit found a $1 million annual shortfall for park and park tree maintenance as the City expanded park areas but did not allocate adequate funding for maintenance. Audit recommendations included implementing a long-term strategy to maintain parks and exploring new, innovative funding opportunities.

Rich M., community member:

"Thanks to Laura and her staff for a clear report, complete with responses and rebuttal. Clarity is part of transparency."


May 25

Job Order Contract Performance Audit Results in Legislation Ensuring the City Receives Fair Prices

A performance audit of the City's Job Order Contract (JOC) Program found emphasis placed on completing infrastructure projects quickly resulted in the City paying more than contractually obligated. In response to the audit recommendations, City Council enacted legislation to ensure the City receives quality service at a fair price. The audit was also recognized by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and used as a template by the County of Los Angeles Department of Auditor-Controller for its own JOC audit which found similar program flaws.

Elizabeth T., community member:

"Thank you for your diligence in protecting our tax money."


April 26

Report Shows City Auditor Recommendations in 2010-2014 Helped Better Protect $80 Million of City Revenue

From 2010-2014, City Auditor Doud issued over 256 recommendations to increase and protect the City’s revenues, safeguard the City’s assets, and reduce the potential for fraud. Departments reported that they implemented 71% of these recommendations resulting in improved oversight, access and safeguarding of $80 million in City revenue annually. The report also identified areas for City improvements, including strategic planning, contract oversight and system security.

Mari H., community member:

"Expected nothing less from Laura Doud and her team."


November 16

The Report on the City Auditor's Fraud Hotline Shows How Tips Initiate Positive Change

The Office released the first report on the City Auditor's Fraud Hotline since its revitalization in 2007. The report demonstrated the Office's capacity to affect positive change by investigating City fraud, waste and abuse. Tips received through the City Auditor's Fraud Hotline have resulted in important findings of time card abuse, theft of personal property, and lack of subcontractor oversight.


June 22

Third Peer Review Assures Office's Work is Reliable & Credible

The third consecutive triennial peer review found the Office's internal operations for Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31, 2014 met national standards. This distinction assures the public that the Office continues to provide fair reviews of City operations and spending during a time when it is critical that taxpayer dollars are monitored for appropriate and honest use.

Ed Barwick, constituent:

"Once again this shows the absolute awesome accomplishment of an outstanding staff and excellent leadership. Keep up the great work."


May 13

City Auditor Doud Audits Police and Fire Dispatcher Overtime and Recommends Reduction in Overtime Usage to Ensure Safety - Wins National Award

A Police and Fire dispatcher performance audit found significant overtime hours costing the City over $1.3 million in a year. The audit recommended City Management reduce unnecessary overtime and better support public safety personnel by improving the dispatcher recruitment process. City Management immediately took steps to implement the audit recommendations as failure to maintain adequate staffing of all public safety branches can have dire consequences for residents.

This audit won the Distinguished Knighton Award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Panel of Judges' comments:

"The report identified the potential for significant impacts including budgetary, safety, and operational efficiencies."


April 15

Performance Audit Finds Limited Oversight of Emergency Board-Up Services Resulting in Improper Rate Increases

A tip to the City Auditor's Fraud Hotline led to a performance audit of the City's use of a contract to provide emergency board-up services to homes and businesses after a fire, crime, or other emergency. The audit found improper handling of the contract procurement process and limited oversight of subcontractors resulting in lengthy billing cycles and unjustified rate increases. The performance audit called attention to the importance of contract oversight in ensuring City funds are spent wisely.


March 24

City Auditor Doud Releases Digital & E-Government Best Practices Report and Launches MyAuditor App

Recognizing the growing importance of innovation and technology, the Office released the Digital & E-Government Best Practices Report as a guide to update the City's digital service delivery models and strengthen two-way communication with the public. Out of this initiative, the Office launched the MyAuditor App and its various social media platforms. City Auditor Doud continues to utilize digital channels to enhance communications and interaction with the public.

Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud w/ Mayor Garcia Digital & E-Govt Best Practices Rpt & App



January 1

Health & Human Services Revenue Collection Performance Audit Safeguards City Against Potential Fraud & Misappropriation of Revenue

As one of City Auditor Doud's goals is to make Long Beach better through collaboration, the Office worked with the Health & Human Services Department to review critical financial transactions. The performance audit found that staff overseeing clinical services and vital record operations needed a better understanding of proper controls as $1.7 million in annual revenue was vulnerable to misappropriation or fraud. City Auditor Doud recommended strengthening software system operations and training to secure City revenue.

Kelly Colopy, Director of Health & Human Resources:

"We appreciate City Auditor Doud and her staff for working with the Health Department in a professional manner on this audit. They have provided a good roadmap to improve the financial systems associated with our clinics in the Department. We have implemented most of the recommendations to date and intend to implement the remaining audit recommendations as quickly as possible."


July 15

City Auditor Doud is Re-Elected for Third Term in Office

More than 20 years after first working in the Office as a Staff Auditor, City Auditor Doud ran unopposed and was re-elected to lead the Office for a third term. City Auditor Doud reaffirmed her commitment to conducting performance audits in order to identify internal improvements that have the potential to make City operations more efficient and effective for the public.

In an interview with The Long Beach Business Journal City Auditor Doud stated:

"We have limited resources and there are a lot of big important issues facing our city, so we always want to be strategic on where we use our resources to basically give the taxpayers the biggest bang for their buck. The overarching things we think about when we decide to do an audit are the importance of it to the public, the relevance of it, making sure it will be valuable and useful, and that it could make a difference."


January 1

Performance Audit of Harbor Commissioners International Travel Expenses Calls for Cost Containment

City officials and residents called upon the City Auditor to address concerns about the appropriateness of international travel expenses of the Harbor Commissioners. The review identified the opportunity to contain travel costs by improving the Harbor Commissioners travel policy, centralizing the travel expense process and intensifying the review of reimbursement requests.


August 1

Fuel Expenditure Performance Audits Improve Oversight of Citywide Fueling Activity, and Led to Disabling of 592 Fuel Access Keys

With the goal of reducing waste, the Office conducted a series of performance audits of fuel expenditures, which totaled $5.7 million annually for the Harbor, Water and Fleet Services Departments. The report highlighted the need for increased monitoring of software system transactions to ensure the high volume of fueling activity is appropriately regulated. As a result of implementing audit recommendations, the City disabled 592 fuel access keys.


February 27

City Auditor Doud Defends Performance Audit of Business License Revenue Collection: Keeps City Management Accountable for $2.6 Million in Uncollected Fees

While the City was collecting $11 million per year in business licensing fees, City Auditor Doud found $2.6 million in business license revenue had gone uncollected due to inconsistent collection efforts, insufficient policies and outdated software. In response to City Management contesting the audit findings, City Auditor Doud maintained that the Bureau was responsible for all money owed regardless of whether past-due balances are forwarded to Billing & Collections, another department or an outside agency. City Auditor Doud also stressed that proactive measures would reduce the amount owed to the City.


July 2

Second Peer Review Confirms City Auditor Doud's Commitment to Professional Excellence

Following through on City Auditor Doud's commitment to accountability and excellence, the Office undergoes a second Peer Review for the prior three-year period. A panel of peers from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) found the Office's work to be reliable and credible. The results of the second independent review demonstrate that the Office maintained the highest standards of performance for the profession.


April 23

Performance Audit of Parks, Recreation and Marine Revenue Collection Prompts Department-Wide Improvements in Cash Handling

The performance audit revealed the procedures used to calculate, collect and safeguard $6.6 million in revenue throughout 34 Parks, Recreation and Marine sites was not thoroughly developed, resulting in lost City funds. Audit recommendations included a centralized system to increase collection efforts and ensure all money due to the City is received.


March 29

Parking Citation Collection Performance Audit Finds $18M in Unpaid Tickets and Leads to Software System Enhancements - Wins National Award

The performance audit found $18 million in unpaid parking fees and an unreliable collection process. Audit recommendations resulted in a new software system to safeguard $13 million in annual parking citations revenue. As this revenue helps fund libraries, parks, and other key services, it is critical that all funds owed to the City are collected.

This audit earned the Bronze Knighton Award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Panel of Judges' comments:

"Adoption of audit recommendations has the potential for significant impact over the short and long terms. The report was persuasive for initiating change."


July 1

Performance Audit of the Harbor Dive Team Uncovers Unjustified Overtime

Tips received through the City Auditor's Fraud Hotline led to an extensive review of the Harbor Dive Team's overtime usage, uncovering a 194% increase in unjustified overtime over four years. The City took immediate action to implement audit recommendations to improve the approval, planning and scheduling of divers. Thus, the Office's intervention helped management root out waste and maximize the City's financial resources and personnel.


March 1

City Auditor Doud Calls for Alamitos Bay Marina Rebuild Project Audit to Mitigate Exceeding City Debt Risk

City Auditor Doud audited the Alamitos Bay Rebuild Project to determine if it was financially feasible for the City to undertake the $100 million capital improvement project. The review found an absence of adequate financial analysis which placed the City at great risk of incurring costs beyond its debt capacity. The independent review led to the City's phased approach to implementing the project.


March 1

Audit of Long Beach Animal Care Services Confirms Major Embezzlement

During a new accounting system integration in the Animal Care Services (ACS) Bureau, financial discrepancies for deposited revenues were found. Upon discovery, City Management contacted the Office to review revenues and confirm if fraud occurred. The Office's findings provided critical evidence in the prosecution of the ACS employee who had embezzled $250,000 in the 11 months reviewed. This demonstrated the Office's critical role as an independent reviewer of operations.


November 2

Voters Approve Measure D - Initiative Co-Authored by City Auditor Doud to Capture More Revenue for Tidelands Projects

City Auditor Doud found the calculation of the Harbor Department's annual transfer into the City's Tidelands Fund was inconsistent. As a result, she co-authored Measure D, an initiative that changed the Harbor's annual fund transfer structure, to capture more revenue for the City's Tidelands projects. From Fiscal Years 2011-2016, the City has invested over $135 million of these funds in projects including: Pike and Rainbow Harbor security, beach patrol and facilities, Colorado Lagoon restoration, Queensway bike path, Shoreline walking path and Alamitos Bay improvements.


July 20

City Auditor Doud Runs Unopposed for Second Term in Office

City Auditor Doud was re-elected, running unopposed, for her second term in office.

After being sworn in by former California Governor George Deukmejian, City Auditor Laura Doud remarked:

"I want to thank the residents of Long Beach for the privilege of serving a second term and for the trust and confidence placed in my leadership and the work produced by the City Auditor's Office."


October 20

Towing Operations Cash Handling Performance Audit Helps Safeguard $4.8M of Annual City Revenue - Wins National Award

Recognizing the importance of protecting the City's cash revenue streams, the Office conducted a performance audit of the cash handling procedures performed by the City's towing operations. The audit found serious control weaknesses, including a lack of data integrity and separation of duties. City Management implemented audit recommendations to ensure effective policies and data systems and to safeguard $4.8 million collected annually.

This report earned the Gold Knighton Award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Panel of Judges' comments:

"The report is an example of a standard, basic audit idea, but done in an innovative manner, including reviewing video surveillance."


April 1

First Peer Review Shows Office Meets Highest Government Auditing Standards

The City Auditor's Office elected to undergo and passed its first ever peer review of internal auditing policies and practices. Since then, City Auditor Doud's commitment to undergo regular peer audits by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) has elevated the quality of work produced by the Office and is a standing reminder of her pledge to independence and integrity.


December 1

Queen Mary Inventory Performance Audit Highlights Importance of Safeguarding City-Owned Assets

At the request of the City Attorney, the Office assessed the management of the Queen Mary's art inventory to ensure the longevity of historically significant artifacts. The performance audit highlighted the importance of policies that safeguard City-owned assets managed by third-party administrators. This led to a performance audit of City-owned artwork displayed at the Long Beach Museum of Art, a collection of which was valued at over $12.8 million.


June 18

City Auditor Doud Testifies in Support of State Whistleblower Legislation

City Auditor Doud was invited to and testified before the California Senate Local Government Committee in support of AB 2001, also known as the Municipal Whistleblower Protection Act. Signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger in October 2008, the Municipal Whistleblower Protection Act enables anyone to report suspected fraud against a City without fear of retaliation.


June 18

Long Beach Streets Performance Audit Leads to Multi-Year Capital Improvement Plan

A review of City street maintenance highlighted the need for improved budget accountability and strategic planning to meet staffing needs and reduce street repair backlog. Recommendations made in the performance audit led to the development and implementation of a multi-year plan designed to strategically coordinate improvements to the City's infrastructure.


June 9

Performance Audit of Long Beach Museum of Art Capital Campaign Identifies Insufficient Funds to Satisfy Bond Debt - Wins National Award

The Office undertook an audit to ensure the long-term viability of the Long Beach Museum of Art, a cultural institution for residents since 1950. The performance audit found the museum did not have the funds to satisfy a $3 million bond debt incurred for renovations, and the City’s inability to repay this bond was related to the misappropriation of assets, lack of oversight, and conflict of interest. The audit recommended a comprehensive strategy to resolve the debt.

The audit earned the 2008 Honorable Mention Knighton Award from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). Panel of Judges' comments:

"The Long Beach City Auditor’s Office is among the best of local government audit organizations."


July 13

The Office Launches Website - Wins Two National Awards

The Office launched the City Auditor's website - - to provide the public with a platform to easily access audit reports and see news items , and to anonymously report fraud tips. This placed the Office at the forefront of public discourse regarding transparency and accountability. The website won two Silver Awards from the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) for its ease of navigation, design and uniqueness.


July 1

The City Auditor's Fraud Hotline is Revitalized

The Office revitalized the City Auditor’s Fraud Hotline to provide an easily accessible tool for anyone to anonymously report suspected City fraud, waste and abuse. Tips submitted through the City Auditor's Fraud Hotline have generated ideas for some of the Office’s most impactful performance audits.


June 1

Long Beach Police Efficiency Study Proposes 12 Cost Saving Initiatives

To improve the Police Department's efficiency , the Office initiated a study to identify cost saving opportunities. The report proposed 12 initiatives including reassigning personnel and technology upgrades to contain costs within the Police Department, potentially saving the City $22 million over the next 5 years.


May 1

Voters Approve Proposition H - the Police & Fire Public Safety Oil Production Act - with 70% of the Vote

As a result of her Oil Production Tax (OPT) audit, which revealed the City's OPT was below market rate when compared to neighboring cities, City Auditor Doud recommended increasing the tax on oil production companies to bring in additional revenue for public safety. This initiative revitalized her predecessors' efforts of ensuring local industries contribute to the City and maximizing revenue sources. Voters passed the ballot initiative, Proposition H, with an unprecedented 70% of the vote.


April 18

City Auditor Doud Hosts Elected City Auditors in Long Beach

As one of only four elected and independent municipal auditors in the State of California, City Auditor Doud is uniquely positioned to identify opportunities to enhance City operations and maximize cost savings for the public. City Auditor Doud met with other California elected City Auditors to exchange ideas on how to best serve the public interest, further ensuring accountability.


February 16

Audit of the City Auditor's Office Serves as Blueprint for Future Success

City Auditor Doud undertook a 6-month audit of work performed under her predecessor. The audit discovered notable policy and operational deficiencies leading to many changes including the abolishment of the Office's petty cash fund and the establishment of a risk-appropriate expense reimbursement policy for all non-City Manager departments. This laid a blueprint for the Office's progression.


July 18

Laura L. Doud Begins First Term as 11th City Auditor

Laura L. Doud is elected in 2006 with the mission to conduct high-quality, performance audits that focus on quality of life issues to provide the most value to residents. She prioritizes outreach to community members to build awareness of the Office's work, thus fulfilling her commitment to transparency and accountability.

Inaugural Remarks by City Auditor Doud:

"To be an independent auditor [is] to represent the people and to be a voice for the people of Long Beach."


March 25

City Auditor Gary Burroughs Makes Critical Intervention in Midst of City's $90M Shortfall

Citing concerns about the City’s bond ratings, cash flow and balances, Gary Burroughs, the 10th City Auditor, called on City leaders to act with urgency to off-set a $90 million budget shortfall projected over 3 years. City Auditor Burroughs emphasized proactive measures to curtail spending as the City had taken $85 million from reserve funds to balance the budget. This exemplified how the Office has the independence necessary to offer direction at tenuous points in the City's governance.


April 9

Proposition S Amends the Professional Requirements of the City Auditor to Include 5 years of CPA Experience

Proposition S amended the City Charter to require that the City Auditor be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and have been so certified for at least five years immediately preceding the filing date of a nominating petition for the City Auditor's Office. This ensures the Office will benefit from highly-qualified leadership.


January 30

City Auditor Fronke Helps Establish the Association of Local Government Auditors

City Auditor Fronke was one of eight public officials who drafted the constitution and bylaws for the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA). ALGA keeps its national membership accountable to industry standards and in-step with innovations in governance. The Office follows these standards to this day.


October 9

City Auditor Fronke Defends the Office's Independence and Authority to Conduct Performance Audits

In 1979, the Charter Advisory Committee sought to make the City Auditor an appointed position and to prohibit operational audits unless requested by Council. City Auditor Fronke defended the Office explaining that the appointment of a City Auditor would forfeit the Office's independence. He demonstrated that performance audits, when combined with traditional financial audits, produced cost savings from efficiencies and improved effectiveness. His views were supported by former City Auditor Courson in public hearings. By taking this stand, City Auditor Fronke underscored the historical position of the Office as a steward of efficiency and innovation.


November 9

City Auditor Fronke Announces Intent to Conduct First Formal Performance Audit

Previous City Auditors found cost savings by expanding the scope of audits, and City Auditor Fronke was the first to formalize this practice. He and the State Auditor General developed testing procedures for measuring efficiency, effectiveness and economy. Since then, the Office has engaged in method-based performance audits to ensure taxpayers receive the greatest value.

City Auditor Robert Fronke:

"As city auditor I have attempted to monitor the city’s activities to insure the citizens of Long Beach are receiving the best in financial management and fiscal responsibility. As our problems grow, it is my belief the role of the auditor goes beyond that of just financial auditing and control. It must also include positive recommendations and suggestions for improving efficiency and making more effective use of taxpayers’ money in all city operations."


July 1

Robert E. Fronke Appointed City Auditor and Leads with Innovation

City Auditor Fronke facilitated change through innovation as seen in the first "surprise audit" of a City operation. The Office conducted an unannounced review of arena ticket concessionaire's financial books during a rock concert. In office for 16 years, City Auditor Fronke helped develop better cash handling procedures, streamline oil operations and computerize accounting.


March 14

Murray T. Courson is Appointed City Auditor & Elected Four Times

Murray T. Courson, a graduate of Poly High School and Long Beach City College, succeeded City Auditor Mansell in March of 1961. City Auditor Courson worked closely with his predecessor to capture the most value from the City's natural resources. Following the revitalization of the Wilmington Oil Field, City Auditor Courson reported a 76.3% increase in net oil revenue to the City and the State of California.


March 4

City Auditor Mansell Calls for Maximization of the City's Natural Resources

Similar to City Auditor Gunsul, City Auditor Mansell was committed to improving municipal services. He conducted expanded audits. His emphasis on inter-departmental collaboration carried over into his appointment to City Manager as he continued working with subsequent City Auditors to capture more oil production revenue for the City.

City Auditor John Mansell:

"Our future must rest on our God-given assets of the seafront and the man-made programs of bringing new industries, new hotels, new capital, new blood into our community."


January 1

City Auditor John R. Mansell Emphasizes Collaboration with City Departments

City Auditor Mansell was appointed City Auditor in 1951 after City Auditor Gunsul retired. He had previously worked in various City departments, imbuing the Office with the tenets of innovation and collaboration. The City Auditor's Office continues to be guided by these same core values today.

City Auditor John Mansell:

"The city and citizens must realize our objective can only be accomplished through cooperation, through harmony, at all levels."


City Auditor Gunsul is Honored for 25 Years of 'Excellent & Distinguished' Service

The Mayor and City Council formally recognized City Auditor Gunsul for her role in improving City operations. Throughout her tenure she demonstrated the indispensable role that the independent Office plays in City governance. City Auditor Gunsul remains the longest serving elected official in the City of Long Beach.

City Auditor Myrtelle Gunsul:

"Efficiency not Politics has been my Motto."


March 23

City Auditor Gunsul Addresses "Women of the Future" Calling for Greater Inclusion in Governance

A trailblazer, City Auditor Gunsul wrote a letter to "Women of the Future". She inspired and encouraged women to "enter public service and instill high ideals and motives into both political and business life."

City Auditor Myrtelle Gunsul:

"I hope that the position of women in National and City Administration of the future shall be more clearly recognized as a great constructive force for the betterment of all. I have blazed this trail and have endeavored to leave a record that shall be an incentive to other women."


City Auditor Gunsul Identifies Oil Revenue as Critical Funding Source for City Services

Revenue from newly-discovered oil fields promised a valuable funding source for the City. Seeing the value to be gained, City Auditor Gunsul emphasized the need to tax this booming industry to expand municipal services and improve the quality of life for residents. To this day, oil production revenue continues to fund life-saving functions via Proposition H passed by the voters in 2007.

In the 13th Annual Report of the Auditor, City Auditor Gunsul stated:

"Long Beach, seventh city of the state in population and third in Southern California, received from nature a four-fold endowment. By its position, it is made a city of homes, recreation, commerce, and industry….located along its northern boundary is a proven oil field, where production soon will bestow on the community a new source of wealth."


May 13

Myrtelle L. Gunsul is the First Woman Elected in Long Beach as City Auditor

City Auditor Gunsul was elected a year before women across the United States had the right to vote. Her tenure spanned three decades of momentous change for the City and country at-large. During her time in office, the City's population grew from 61,000 to 250,000 residents, oil was discovered in Signal Hill, World War II began and ended, and the City was rebuilt after a devastating earthquake.


June 1

Charles O. Boynton is Elected Becoming the 5th City Auditor

Charles Boynton successfully challenged former City Auditor Shuman, who had previously stepped down as City Auditor, and was elected to lead the Office. He continued to use photos in the Annual Report of the Auditor to highlight City operations.


December 2

Harvey Durkee is Elected Becoming the 4th City Auditor Overseeing a Growing City

Harvey Durkee challenged incumbent City Auditor Rankin and was elected to lead the Office. That same year, via a special election, the residents of Long Beach approved $400,000 to be spent on a "horseshoe shape" pier extending out into the ocean which would be known as Rainbow Harbor.


August 1

David M. Rankin is Appointed City Auditor

Having served as the Chief Deputy City Auditor, David M. Rankin was appointed to lead the Office after City Auditor Shuman resigned.


The Annual Report of the Auditor Praises City Developments; City Called "The Queen of Beaches"

City Auditor Shuman recorded gains made in City infrastructure and municipal services as the Annual Report of the Auditor in 1912 highlighted developments including 35 miles of asphalt-paved streets, a pier worth $100,000, a beach promenade lit by 10,000 electric lights, and a 260% increase in building permits.


City Auditor Lewis W. Shuman Recognizes the Fire Department for Cutting-edge Technology

City Auditor Shuman, the second City Auditor, commended the Fire Department's shift away from horse-drawn fire engines to automobile tractors for growing safety needs. The City Auditor's Office continues to keep a keen eye on the resources needed to provide life-saving services to residents in an everchanging City landscape.


City Auditor Hatch Commends the Police Department for Gains in Crime Prevention as City Grows

As the Police force captured 25 fugitives in 1911, City Auditor Hatch compared the Department's operations to some of the best agencies in the State of California. His recognition of the growing Police Department's operational efficiencies sets the stage for future performance audits.


City Auditor Hatch Sets the Standard and Issues the First Annual Report of the Auditor

In the first ever Annual Report of the Auditor, City Auditor Hatch highlighted City operations commending the Police Department for their first fully-uniformed Police force and emergency signal system.

City Auditor Ira Hatch:

"I believe that each taxpayer is entitled to know what becomes of the money he pays into the City Treasury; and I have endeavored to keep the records of my office in such a manner that any taxpayer could determine what it costs to maintain any department of the city, should he desire to look into the books of this office, and I have compiled this report with that end in view."


January 6

Ira S. Hatch is the First Elected City Auditor; He Calls for 'A Greater Long Beach'

City Auditor Hatch, who had professional affiliations with the National Association of Accounting and the Municipal League, established the first City record-keeping system comprised of monthly balance sheets for taxpayers to see where money was spent. This transparency still lies at the core of the Office's current work, including performance audits.

City Auditor Ira Hatch:

"And finally, I wish to leave you as our motto these words: A GREATER LONG BEACH. Consider it. Work together for it, and success and prosperity will be ours."


February 1

City Charter Establishes the City Auditor as an Elected Official Leading an Independent Office

The new City Charter granted the City Auditor the authority to review any department, commission and office. As an elected official, the City Auditor leads an independent office reporting directly to the public promoting good governance through transparency and accountability.