2017 Fraud Hotline Activity

The Office creates a case for every tip received and investigates those cases with sufficient basis. The following information summarizes the 87 cases closed in 2017.

87 Cases Closed by Tip Type

Actions Taken on 87 Cases Closed

Actions Taken on 87 Cases Closed

Conduct an Investigation:

An investigation was conducted by our Office, or in conjunction with a City Department, for cases related to City fraud, waste or abuse. As we investigate, we may discover other issues that may be better addressed by a performance audit.

Referred to City Department:

Cases of wrongdoing that were not related to City fraud, waste or abuse but fell under the City’s jurisdiction and had merit were referred to the appropriate City Department for review.

Referred to an Outside Agency with Jurisdiction:

Allegations that did not fall under the jurisdiction of the City were referred to a county, state or federal agency for review. Examples of this include credit card, welfare, unemployment and mail fraud.

Not Actionable:

Cases were closed if they lacked merit or sufficient information of wrongdoing. Because tips are typically made anonymously without the ability to communicate with the caller, we did not always obtain sufficient information to investigate. Some cases were only recommendations for audits and were not reviewed under the hotline’s protocols.

Results of 87 Cases Closed

12 cases with founded allegations and subsequent control weaknesses resulted in 13 corrective actions surrounding:

  • Scheduling, approval and review of overtime
  • Verification of vendor invoices and work
  • Security of sensitive information
  • Business regulation
  • Employee misconduct

Summary Chart of 87 Cases Closed

To see a summary chart of the 87 cases closed, click here.