Myrtelle L. Gunsul

Long Beach City Auditor 1919 – 1951

Myrtelle L Gunsul

Efficiency. Not Politics.” Myrtelle L. Gunsul


Myrtelle L. Gunsul was elected City Auditor eleven times, and she won all her races in the primary. She received more votes than any candidate for any office on the ballot.


Miss Gunsul (as she was called at the time) was elected in 1919 and retired in 1951 after 32 years of being City Auditor. Her service to Long Beach was actually longer, because she was Deputy City Auditor for 4 years before being elected City Auditor.


She was City Auditor during times of tremendous growth and change. During her tenure:


  • Long Beach grew from a population of 61,000 in 1919 to over 250,000 in 1951;
  • oil was discovered on Signal Hill;
  • women in the U.S. won the right to vote;
  • the Great Depression began and ended;
  • the City was re-built after the 1933 earthquake that destroyed much of Long Beach;
  • World War II began and ended;
  • the Naval base was built; and
  • Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach City College were founded.

The Office has an extensive exhibit of her life and career. Visitors are welcome to view the exhibit. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to view the Myrtelle L. Gunsul exhibit.