We Take Action

The investigative team conducts preliminary analysis to determine if there is sufficient basis to conduct an investigation. This team includes members who have their Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credentials and is dedicated to investigating allegations of fraud, waste and abuse against the City.


For every case, one of the following courses of action may be taken:


  • Conduct an Investigation: An investigation is conducted by our Office, or in conjunction with a City Department, for cases related to City fraud, waste or abuse.
  • Refer to City Department: Cases that fall under the City’s jurisdiction and have merit are referred to the appropriate City Department for review.
  • Refer to an Outside Agency with JurisdictionAllegations that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the City are referred to a county, state or federal agency for review. Examples of this include credit card, welfare and unemployment fraud.
  • Not Actionable: Cases are closed if they lack merit or sufficient information of wrongdoing, and we could not obtain additional information from the caller.