Rules & Regulations


To be eligible to participate, you must be 18 years of age or older and a Long Beach City resident, Long Beach City employee or Long Beach City business owner.


Beginning and End Dates

July 29, 2019 – October 31, 2019


Methods of Entry

Enter online at or in-person at the Long Beach City Auditor’s booth at a Long Beach City community event. Participant may only answer the questions once. Participant must accurately complete all required fields or the entry will be deemed incomplete and will not qualify. If the participant helps celebrate by sharing the trivia page online with designated link or posts a photo at a community event with the #LBCityAuditor110, he/she will receive an additional entry.


Method of Selecting Winner

Participant must answer all 3 questions correctly and sign up for email updates to be entered for the chance to win the tickets. Three winners will be selected at the end of August 2019, September 2019 and October 2019. A participant may only win once.



Each winner will receive a 4-pack of tickets to the of Aquarium of the Pacific.


Notification Method

Each winner will be notified by email. Before claiming the tickets, the winner must provide his/her correct name, address and telephone number to the Long Beach City Auditor’s Office.


Claiming Tickets

Each winner must sign and return a release and affidavit of eligibility, which must be received within fourteen (14) days of notification, at the time each winner claims his/her tickets. If a winner does not timely sign and return the release and affidavit of eligibility, then the tickets will be forfeited, and the tickets will be awarded to an alternate winner randomly selected from among remaining valid entries.



The Long Beach City Auditor’s Office and the Aquarium of the Pacific are not responsible for any liability arising directly or indirectly from the award or use of the tickets.


Publicizing Results

In claiming your tickets, the Long Beach City Auditor’s Office can publicly acknowledge you are the winner.