Fraud Hotline Activity

The City Auditor’s Office manages a fraud hotline that allows anyone to anonymously report tips of suspected fraud, waste, and abuse related to the City. Our office creates a case for every tip received and investigates those cases with sufficient basis.

The following information summarizes the 43 cases closed in 2021.

Actions Taken on 43 Cases Closed

Actions Taken on 43 Cases Closed

58% Conducted an Investigation:

An investigation was conducted by our Office, or in conjunction with a City Department, for cases related to City fraud, waste, or abuse.

21% Referred to City Department:

Cases that fell under the City's jurisdiction that would be most appropriately reviewed by a specific City Department were referred to that City Department.

7% Referred to an Outside Agency with Jurisdiction:

Allegations that did not fall under the jurisdiction of the City were referred to a county, state, or federal agency for review. Examples of this include credit card, welfare, and unemployment fraud.

14% Not Actionable:

Cases were closed if they lacked merit or sufficient information of wrongdoing, and we could not obtain additional information from the caller.

Results of 43 Cases Closed

The 12 founded cases with substantiated allegations resulted in 23 corrective action recommendations surrounding:

  • City employee work breaks
  • City employee use of special skill pay codes
  • City employee compliance to policies regarding work start and end time
  • City employee use of City vehicles
  • City employee assignment of overtime
  • Eligibility of public assistance benefits
  • City department adherence to state compliance guidelines

Summary Chart of Cases Closed

Summary Charts of Cases Closed are listed by calendar year: